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My Favorite Sandwich

24 Jan

This is my all-time favorite sandwich. True, it’s a bit messy, but the deliciousness is unparalleled. It makes a great meal, and when rolled up in foil, it travels fairly well and makes a suitable workday lunch.

One small baguette, halved horizontally
Two leaves of Romaine lettuce
One slice of Havarti cheese, halved
Two to three slices of good turkey (Boar’s Head Ovengold is my absolute favorite)
Half of a ripe avocado
Half of a Roma tomato, sliced

Spread the mayonnaise on the bottom slice of bread, and moosh the avocado into the top half. Feel free to assemble any way you like; my method is as follows, from bottom to top: lettuce, turkey, cheese, and tomato.

If you have any crispy bacon hanging around the house, it would work nicely on this sandwich!

Note: In order to prevent topping slippage, I squish my sandwich down a bit before eating. 🙂