Hi! I’m Carly.

I live in a little, old apartment in a little city in Northwest Florida with my superhero fiance (those of you who know him will recognize that his real name is not Peter Parker, but it is a befitting nickname nonetheless) and our two wild dogs.

I like food! I’m just as happy eating something from Chef Boyardee as I am feasting on something divine and complex. I’m a foodie but not a food snob. Would it be great if we could all afford to eat local, seasonal, fresh foods? Yep. Is that a feasible reality for many people, especially those under a certain income level (like meeee)? Not really. I aim for balance; yes, I do eat processed convenience food sometimes. On other occasions, when time and funds permit, I make fabulousness from scratch.

I started this blog in order to have a hobby, but also because people would often ask me for recipes and this is an easy way to share them. Plus, our little city is full of great little restaurants, and I can talk about them here!

This blog is all of that: recipes, quick add-ins, and thoughts on dining out. I’ve never had any professional training, but I am armed with knowledge passed on to me as well as what I learned through trial and error, and maybe a few things gleaned from the tv, too. Or a lot of things, if we’re keeping track. But hey. I’m sure some of the things I do will horrify real chefs, but these things work for me. I aim to show that making good food doesn’t need to be difficult.

Oh yes, and I earned a Best in Show ribbon for my cookies at a fair when I was little. So there’s that grand, major qualification.

And my pictures? They’re not great, which I realize. One of my biggest sources of impatience with other food blogs is photos. I don’t need 36 pictures on how to measure salt. Do you? Probably not. I assume my readers have basic knowledge about how to measure things and such.

Additionally, I don’t “do” diets and I refuse to consider delicious food bad or naughty. You will never catch me chomping celery sticks as penance or feeling guilty because I ate something with butter in it. I subscribe to Julia Child’s food philosophies: “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook” and “Life itself is the proper binge.” That’s not to say I advocate for being unhealthy; rather, I prefer to take the attitude of “I enjoy food” rather than “food is out to get me and make me ugly.” I’d rather buy bigger pants than agonize over whether having a slice of cake is going to make the numbers on the scale go up.

Other than that, I work on the fashion end of the wedding industry and I’m finishing up my BA in Humanities with concentrations in English and History, a Minor in English, and a Professional Writing Certification. I’m a big-time anglophile and I adore anything to do with Tudor/Elizabethan era, particularly costume.

You can reach me at carlyoof at gmail dot com.

This is a Food Blog is also on Facebook and twitter: @ThisisaFoodBlog.

So: food is good! The end.


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