Oh, hi.

3 Oct

I’m still here. You wouldn’t know it by the infrequent posts on the blog, but I’m here. It’s time for my semi-annual “sorry for the lack of posts” post.

Life is wild. The Mr. got a promotion that came with very wacky hours in November 2011. We moved into a new apartment in May. I started a new job in June. Fall semester started in August. Our wedding is in just over two weeks, and I will graduate in December. Working full time, studying, and trying to plan a wedding (and more importantly, build a life together) has left little time for blogging. Not surprising, eh? Predictably, we’ve been existing on mostly fast food, Easy Mac, grilled cheeses, and the like. This has been both fun and ugh at once.

We’re managing to get away for a five-day honeymoon, and I am <i>so</i> eager to have the opportunity to relax a bit. When we return, I’m looking forward to cooking things that don’t involve microwaves or bright orange-colored powders.

Be seeing you!


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