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Where We’ve Been

14 Jun

Yes, it has been practically an eon since I last posted. Life has been busy!

April: finishing finals was a struggle! Being sick for two months early in the year set me back a lot, but I managed to finish and actually did pretty well. We went to my sister’s graduation in Tallahassee, which was a nice getaway. It was good to see my sister. She also took us to eat food at Roly Poly. You can thank her for my addiction.

May: Mr. Parker and I moved in together! Our “new” apartment is still very 1980s, but it’s significantly larger. The kitchen is little, but the few extra inches of counter space make a big difference.

June: We went to Mr. Parker’s cousin’s wedding in Michigan. I met much of Mr. Parker’s extended family on his mom’s side, and everyone was completely lovely and wonderful. I also managed to get food poisoning, which, when you’re sharing a hotel room with your boyfriend’s brother (whom you’ve met once) and his girlfriend (whom you’ve never met), isn’t embarrassing at all. Ahem. Mr. Parker’s mom is fantastic, and she made sure I had sufficient refills of 7-Up for the entire reception.

I also received a job offer, so I’ve been working both the new job and my current/former job simultaneously for the past several weeks. “Exhausting” would be an understatement. Oh yes, and summer term began two days after spring semester ended, so I’ve been scurrying to ensure my classwork is done. Meanwhile, our apartment sits almost completely unpacked, less our bedroom closet and the kitchen.

Not only have I cooked some great dishes, I’ve taken decent photographs, too! If only I knew where to locate my camera’s USB cord! It’s in one of these boxes… somewhere.

The new job has almost no commute, and the hours will enable me to actually have a life. I won’t be scrambling to keep up with school work while my fun hobbies – cooking, baking, and sewing (yes, I’m trying sewing, and yes, I’m terrible at it… so far) get pushed aside. I’m happy. Life is good.

Now, I just need to get better at unpacking.