Ginmonades: Not Actually Endorsed by Arthur Curry, But Fabulous Nonetheless

6 Apr


(Yes, Ginmonade is a congolmeration of “Gin” and “Lemonade”)

So, gin. It’s made from juniper, you know. I think it tastes a bit pine-needley on its own, but in this cocktail, it’s fantastic. I would’ve never guessed that gin and lemonade would go so well together, but they do. The Ginmonade is refreshing and light, perfect for spring or summer. Something about it feels very southern.

1 ounce Tanqueray gin
1 ounce Limoncello
1 ounce Tom Collins mix
2 ounces lemonade

Feel free to use more or less gin and/or limoncello, depending on taste preferences.

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with a heap of ice. Shake until the metal on the shaker gets cold. Pour into a tall glass over more ice. Sip with a straw.

(Also, it is perfectly acceptable for me to have an Arthur Curry doll; it says right on the package they’re for grown folks. Really.)


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