The One Where Mr. Parker Makes Penne alla Vodka

24 Feb

As I was suffering from the aforementioned plague on Valentine’s Day, Mr. Parker and I celebrated on Thursday instead of Monday. Since I was not quite well even by then, instead of going out and doing something fancy, Mr. Parker made me dinner.

That’s right! I got to pick whatever I wanted, too. This was exciting, since no one (no one = anyone who is not my mother) has ever made or attempted to make a celebratory dinner for me, let alone let me decide what they should prepare.

I was tempted to ask for something intricate, but I did not want to trap Mr. Parker in the kitchen for hours to labor and stress. He doesn’t cook often, but he does grill a mean cheese and make a nice bowl of Ramen on occasion.

With that in mind, I selected Penne alla Vodka. It’s inexpensive, easy, fairly quick, and it tastes great.

One of my favorite Penne alla Vodka recipes is Rachael Ray’s You Won’t Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Pasta. And yes, I really dislike the title. The recipe was from a Valentine’s Day themed show, not that that’s a worthy excuse! At any rate, I’ve been using Rachael’s recipe since 2005 and it has yet to turn out badly, and I knew it wouldn’t be too much work for Mr. Parker. Plus it’s way better than jarred vodka sauce.

The half-hour preparation time is pretty accurate, and Mr. Parker didn’t seem to have any difficulty. The finished dish was really impressive, too! The texture was perfect, it looked great, and it tasted fabulous! The fresh basil is really the jam, so don’t omit it if you can help it! A dash of red pepper flakes is a fab addition, too. We also topped the pasta with shaved parmesan. It was grand. We ate every bit of the leftovers, and usually I am not a fan of reheated food.

In all, Mr. Parker’s cooking adventure was a great success. This Penne alla Vodka dish is a good choice for anyone, and it’s easy even for those who don’t have heaps of experience in the kitchen.



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