A Pox on my House

21 Feb

2011 has not been a good health year thus far! I managed to catch both strains of seasonal flu and incubate a sinus infection and an ear infection. Poor Mr. Parker also had the flu, and when he wasn’t sick, he was taking care of me and the dogs.

For being almost 30 damn years old, I required a surprising lot of care.

I cannot thank Mr. Parker enough. From midnight medicine runs to carefully selecting orange juice and trying to bribe me to drink it because the pharmacist said it would be good for me, he did everything. He even walked the dogs and made me dinner.

He really is amazing, and I cannot thank him enough. So, thank you, Mr. Parker. There are not words for how appreciated you are. My superhero, really.

Within the next few weeks, posts should begin to return to their usual frequency. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a non-pasta, non-dessert item! 🙂


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