Baked Eggs

12 Jan

Hmm. Baked eggs? Given my typical American upbringing, I’m more likely to think of eggs prepared by boiling, frying, or scrambling. On the other side of the pond, though, baked eggs are apparently quite standard (I almost said “common” but I think that might mean “hooker”).

At any rate, they eat them. Baked eggs, that is.

Since I’ve been tv-less and internetless for the last long while – that’s right, I’m blogging from my phone – I’ve been watching lots of older clips from Nigella Lawson’s plethora of cooking shows. I love her. Despite being exceptionally wealthy, she just seems so normal. Plus, she adores food. My kind of lady, really.

Here is Nigella, making her mother’s Ouefs en Cocotte:

Anyway, Nigella’s recipe calls for ramekins and truffle oil. I had neither, so I improvised.

My version:
Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F
Butter the bottom of a small, oven-safe saucepan.
Gently crack in two eggs.
Sprinkle with coarse salt or sea salt. Even standard old Morton salt will work if that’s what you have – just be careful not to overdo it.
Gently drizzle some heavy cream on top. I probably used a few tablespoons; you can use a bit more or less if you prefer.

Carefully place the pan in the oven. I first tried baking for 9 minutes and the eggs still looked totally raw. I added two minutes, and the yolks turned out just a little firmer than I wanted. Foo. So, for my oven, 10 minutes is perfect. Since all ovens are different, you may have to play around with this a bit.

Once baked, the cream thickens. I just pour the entire contents of the pan onto my plate. It is absolute heaven. Buttery, creamy, warm, and gooey. I eat them straight up, but evidently you’re supposed to dip toast into the yolk. When I become the sort of adult who keeps bread in the house on a regular basis, I’ll have to try that.

I had my creamy baked eggs over my Mema’s leftover black-eyed peas. Fantastic. They’re not very aesthetically exciting, but they taste SO GOOD.


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